Digital designer focused on making business grow through design.



I’m Jasmine Monga, a Digital designer. Passion for travelling and love for nature brought me to NZ in 2017.

Creative Digital Designer experienced in translating concepts and ideas into smart and memorable user-centred solutions. Curious and active learner with a passion of acquiring new things to ensure maximum efficiency. A resourceful and innovative person with a keen eye for details and creativity to develop appealing, intuitive, and engaging designs. A good listener and analytical thinker with experience working in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams. Equipped with excellent work ethic and critical problem-solving skills to deliver projects from conception to completion.

I am defined by my determination, deligence, curosity and passion for people and the wonder we can create. With a background and experience in design, competent in all aspects of design.

  • Digital Design
  • Web design
  • Graphic Design

Love working with people, specially if we share the same passions.

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